Manual Visitor management in tourism destinations

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Thesis publication: Visitor Management at the Bagan Heritage Site

The Sustainable Development Plans are documents whose objective is to serve as an orientation in the investments and improvements aimed at increasing the standard of living of the population living…. The Vitoria-Gasteiz Green Belt: actions for the conservation of biodiversity.

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Case Study. Summary To know about the impact of tourism on species and habitats in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve DDBR , like in all protected areas, is very important for a proper management. Solution and actions taken In order to establish the limits up to which the tourism development and infrastructure do not affect the carrying capacity of the Protected Areas, it was required a Study for the evaluation of the Carrying capacity which is used in the context of sustainable tourism.

Sustainable Tourism: Monitoring & Managing visitors in Protected Areas - Interreg

Challenges It must be taken into account environmental, social and economic indicators in such a way that the interest of all stakeholders and the area itself are well balanced and can progress. Lessons learned This monitoring system is unique for every Protected Area since they differ from one to another, from the Upper and Middle Danube to the Lower Danube Region. Contact name Gabriela Cretu. Related case studies. Study of influx, frequency and characterization of visitors to the Collserola Natural Park 8, ha The study, carried out by the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia INEFC-Lleida in two stages autumn and , focused on analyzing the annual influx uses-visits, and studying….

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Improvement of the perception of the local population towards the Natural Parks through the Sustainable Development Plans The Sustainable Development Plans are documents whose objective is to serve as an orientation in the investments and improvements aimed at increasing the standard of living of the population living…. The visitor survey was carried out in the calendar year of , and 1, visitors participated in the research. T he questionnaire-baseds urvey of visitors was conducted at several locations in the New Forest, and the number of surveys to be carried out was distributed throughout the year of based on the tourism seasonality of the New Forest.

The research findings point out that imposing more regulations is not perceived necessary in the current visitor management in the New Forest. Instead, the sampled visitors would like to know more about the environmental aspects about the site, and the appropriate activities to participate in.

Managing Visitor Numbers – Getting the Balance Right Regionally and Seasonally

Moreover, infori-nation provided through interpretive panels and bulletin boards is thought to be less than adequate by the visitors, and they think the signage in the site is not maintained to a high standard. Give the fact that signage is one of the favoured media, the quality and information contents of signage in the New Forest need to be improved. Moreover, with respect to the interpretation of the New Forest, visitors thought the information relating to the envirom-nental aspects of the site and the appropriate visitor activities to be carried out should be improved in terms of the quantity.

The analysis shows that in general, visitors would be willing to alter their behaviour to be more appropriate if they were made aware of such interpretive information. In addition, the majority of the visitors, except for the New Forest District local residents, do not object to be charged for the use of tourism facilities such as car parks, providing the revenue is used for resource protection purpose.


In other words, visitors value the significance of the New Forest in terms of being resource rich and being an important site that offers recreational opportunities to them. Thus, they expressed their willingness to contribute financially to help the management and protection of the site. The research findings are expected to provide organisations that are responsible for the management of tourism destinations with information relating to the planning and implementation of effective visitor management approaches, because successful visitor management is a step forward towards the long-ten-n sustainable tourism development.

Managing The Tourist Experience, Part 1

Full text available as: Preview. Abstract Tourism, as a human activity, is not likely to be managed effectively if there was a lack of management focus on the visitors.

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