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Cheshire eds. Social dialectology.


In honour of Peter Trudgill. Amsterdam: Benjamins. Torgersen, E.

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Journal of Sociolinguistics 8: Linguistics Hinskens ed. Language Variation - European Perspectives. To appear in Language Variation and Change Cheshire, J. An East Anglian in the South Atlantic? Sociolinguistics of immigration by Chambers, J.

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Why fuude is not 'food' and tschegge is not 'check': A new look at the actuation problem by Watts, Richard J. Parallel development and alternative restructuring: The case of weren't intensification by Wolfram, Walt ; Social and linguistic dimensions of phonological change: Fitting the pieces of the puzzle together by Milroy, Lesley ; Changing mental maps and morphology: Divergence caused by international border changes by Kontra, Miklos ; Exploring the importance of the outlier in sociolinguistic dialectology by Britain, David ; When is a sound change?

Dialect levelling and geographical diffusion in British English by Kerswill, Paul ; Social dimensions of syntactic variation: The case of when clauses by Cheshire, Jenny ; Language variation in Greece by Sifianou, Maria ; Add co-authors Co-authors. Upload PDF.

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