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Sinking two would double that toll. His threats came just ten days after experts warned a war between US and Chinese forces in the South China Sea could break out in Concerns are mounting the two superpowers could become embroiled in a terrifying conflict in the directly contested region which could kill thousands of people. Attack wherever the enemy is afraid of being hit.

The achievement of the past 40 years of reform and opening-up has given us the capability and confidence to safeguard our sovereignty. Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Brunei argue they own parts of the sea — and the United States is prepared to back them with military force. Surface preparation on the underwater hull and freeboard was executed using vapor blasting equipment, a first in the history of carrier restoration.

The custom equipment was supplied by Massachusetts-based Greener Blast Technologies and operated using Barton garnet abrasives.

History made with 3-carrier swap

This method reduced abrasive consumption, lowered dust levels, improved worksite visibility and safety, and allowed MAC to blast near adjacent work. The remaining areas were dry blasted. Dry blasting only at night has been standard practice, but the low-dusting properties of the Barton garnet allowed MAC to dry blast during the day. This process marked the first such approach in carrier restoration history.

MAC dry blasting equipment on the job site.

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Barton also provided technical expertise and prepared the detailed documentation needed to meet MIL-AB SH traceability and product compliance. Joe Morris, national sales manager, has been with Barton International since Technology Publishing Co.

The Only American Carrier Which Makes Its Home Port Outside of the United States

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