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Another surface imprinting technique was developed based on a surface-carboxylated latex particle, which was swollen with DVB.

The surface-mobile groups were reorganized through complexation with the target on the surface and then immobilized by crosslinking of DVB. These two methods can imprint the template structure on a resin surface, resulting in the rapid, reversible and unusually strong complexation with the target. Journal of Oil Chemists' Society, Japan.

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Biomimetic radical polymerization via cooperative assembly of segregating templates

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Edn Engl. Lohmeyer, J.

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Stereoassociation between poly methyl methacrylate and poly methacrylic acid. Edn 13 , — Stereoselective association between isotactic poly methyl methacrylate and syndiotactic poly methacrylic acid. Polymer 19 , — Caruso, F. Nanoengineering of inorganic and hybrid hollow spheres by colloidal templating. Science , — Polymerization of methacrylic acid in the presence of isotactic poly methyl methacrylate as possible template. A 14 , — Download references.

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Template Polymerization (Molecular Templating)

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