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It contains the personal stories of five Fire Aspected Dragon-Bloods, plus new charms, artifacts and signature characters. This supplement contains information on the capital of the Underworld - the City of Stygia, arts of the dead, wonders of the dead, creations of bone, the three Circles of Necromancy Shadowlands, Labyrinth and Void , and creatures of the Underworld. It contains the personal stories of five Water Aspected Dragon-Bloods, plus new charms, artifacts and signature characters. It also includes information on the Exalted signature character, Peleps Deled.

WW, April , Cult of the Illuminated by Daniel Dover, Mur Lafferty , and Patrick O'Duffy : This book details the workings of the Gold Faction Sidereal organization known as the Cult of the Illuminated, explaining the workings of the outer circle, the inner circle, the training camps and giving more details on the Wyld Hunt. It contains the personal stories of five Wood Aspected Dragon-Bloods, plus new charms, artifacts and signature characters. Contains information about the military might of the major groups in creation.

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Additional material was released in a PDF format only. Includes spells updated from 1st edition Exalted and some spells new to the game. Explains the Lunar Thousand Streams River experiment.

Games of Divinity: A Compendium of the Divine (Exalted RPG)

Includes expanded information on how Sidereal conventions affect the Bureau's politics. Focuses mainly on Terrestrial gods; Celestial gods are more comprehensively listed in Yu Shan. Includes sections on the bureaucracy and geography of Exalted's heaven as well as prominent Celestial gods. Includes expanded mass combat rules, rules for using firedust weapons, and naval combat rules. Includes information on the Deathlords and Necrotech. Includes a briefing pamphlet to give to new players entitled A Guide to Meru , a setting book entitled Lands of Creation , a mechanics and NPC book entitled Lords of Creation , a combat wheel for counting ticks in battle, and a cloth map which shows Creation as it was during the First Age.

The First Age incarnations of important signature characters and favorite cities are revealed, character creation rules are offered for four different game power levels, and the social order of the Dragon-Blooded is drastically changed. The Compass of Terrestrial Directions, Vol. Ullmann : Covers the Alchemical Exalted.

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II: The Wyld. November [14] [15] Ink Monkeys blog Michael A. Spaulding, Robert Vance A compilation of errata and rules and setting updates. To be released in 4 parts. May , June , July and August for parts Spaulding, and Robert Vance : A supplement covering the Guild, and detailing the new Creation-Ruling Mandate system for organizations and bureaucracies.

Spaulding and Robert Vance : A supplement detailing four alternate settings for Exalted: Gunstar Autochthonia a space opera setting named after Battlestar Galactica , although with only slight similarities , Heaven's Reach a far future soft SF space opera setting which reimagines many of the setting's supernatural elements, such as Exaltations, Charms, Primordials and the Celestial Bureaucracy as advanced technology , Burn Legend a wuxia setting which reimagines the Exalted as martial artists with supernatural powers and Exalted: the Modern Age which reimagines Creation as an urban fantasy setting.

Contains additional rules to account for the presence of vehicles and firearms and alternate forms of existing rules, while Burn Legend possesses its own rules and martial arts-driven combat system separate from the default. July , WW [20] 3rd edition Exalted 3rd Edition : The core rulebook, containing setting and system information, plus full rules for playing mortals and Solar Exalted.

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If you do decide to go with this, give the charm set a good read-through and be prepared to do some heavy editing… and really think twice before using the Merits and Flaws listed here. Some is updated versions of bits and pieces from 1st edition, while the majority of the book is new stuff.

While in many games hell and heaven are extremely abstract concepts, and if detailed at all are mostly populated by stereotypical and honestly quite boring inhabitants, Exalted is a game where the PCs can and sometimes will go to either and kick some ass — or at least get a chance to state their case and be heard by important entities. Banished from Creation and forced to become part of the prison for himself and others, his rage is vast and endless, and sometimes he grinds parts of himself together in frustration — killing scores of inhabitants in the process.

One of his souls, Ligier, lights everything with a harsh green glow. There is no way out, even for Cecelyne herself… unless someone or something summons from Creation, in which case the summoned entity must walk across the vastness of Cecelyne for 5 days, arriving just in time for the summoning. Time is not quite linear in this realm, and causality laughs at you. The Ebon Dragon plots the doom of Creation while making plans for his upcoming wedding, while Adorjan, the Silent Wind, whispers across the city bringing silence and killing everything in her path.

Hence, there is noise and music everywhere, in an effort to keep her out. Sometimes it even works. Kimbery, the Sea that Marched Against the Flame, laps her acidic waves against Malfeas and whispers to her demonblooded children in Creation, while She Who Lives In Her Name dreams of finally bringing order everywhere. Order of the static and final kind. What it is is very, very alien. Sure, most of the Yozis would love nothing more than to escape their prison and to bring unending death and destruction to Creation… but they have been imprisoned for millenia. Cabin fever can be a bitch, especially for alien gods.

It provides fun detail on lots of things, from the Yozi to their lesser souls and servants, to general life in the demon realm. This is an interesting book.

The Roll of Glorious Divinity 2: The Books of Sorcery 5 (Exalted 2nd Edition)

So far, most of 2nd edition Exalted has concerned itself with providing 2nd edition updates of stuff that existed in 1st edition. Sure, there has been a lot of good extra material thrown in and lots of nice improvements, but still…. Infernals is the first major addition to the line that has no counterpart in 1st edition other than by brief mention and hints. As with all the Exalted major hardcovers, this book makes the Infernals playable as PCs.

Contrasting this book with Abyssals is a fun exercise. While at first glance the Infernals and the Abyssals may seem similiar, they are actually worlds apart in style and motivation. Abyssals serve their masters in trying to destroy the world, to push it over the brink into Oblivion. The Infernals, on the other hand, do not want to destroy the world.

They want to ruin it, to make it as much like Hell Malfeas as they can. That would be a spoiler. On the power scale, the Infernals seem more or less on the same level as Solars. In other words, damn strong. They are also not as crippled in Creation as Abyssals are, not to mention the Fair Folk. This makes them extremely dangerous. At least in theory. This gives them a concrete reason for being very different and for having extremely varied operational modes, and it also opens up an avenue for expanding the lineup if the GM wants to. Still, I found the mechanics here to be especially fun and suitable for creating a certain type of Evil Bastard for your PCs to face.

Especially since this group is wonderfully colorful and bizarrely motivated.

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And then there is that certain upcoming wedding, which has everyone just shivering with anticip.. The implications of this are discussed in the book. In a way, they are imaginary, brain-sucking LARPers from hell. They wear their virtues as physical objects, and are absolute lords over their domain in the Wyld.

In Creation… they are still dangerous, but more limited. The Unshaped, now, are again something different and bizarre. The Fair Folk form part of the more complicated section, simply due to what they are. So, like I said, complicated. My brain is still complaining from trying to understand the Forest Witches from the 1st edition description….

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This was an interesting book to read, and gave me lots of ideas on how to better use the Fair Folk in Exalted. Or, to be more exact: I get the idea I think , but would need serious think time to figure out how to run it in a game. The reaction to this book has been pretty positive among people who have read the 1st edition version, so apparently this is another successful update book. For example, it makes the Perfect of Paragon into a much more complex figure than I had previously supposed. I also liked the detail on how Lap society is organized.

The end of the book gives us some 2nd ed stats for various creatures, some from the first edition and some new. Still, as everyone know the South is extremely unstable, and anything from the almost-inevitable destruction of Gem by one of a dozen antagonists to the aforementioned razing of Chiarascuro is quite easy to imagine. As always, Creation exists as a huge kitchen sink for the PCs to mangle as they will. No complaints on this book.

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Solid information some old reprint, some new , reasonably readable writing, entertaining inbetween comics. Very useful stuff, especially if you intend to run an Exalted game set in the South. Lots of good stuff here even for 1st edition games, since many of the regions detailed here have mostly just been mentioned in passing before. John Chambers recently leaked the cover art for the upcoming Exalted book Scroll of Exalts. Half the book is about one race, and then you flip it over and have the second half with a different cover.

Both are much more limited than Exalted Charms, but both have their strengths. There are also rules for creating player characters of either race.