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nanoHUB-U Thermoelectricity L5.3: Recent Advances - State-of-the-art Thermoelectric Materials

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Lectures and discussions will encompass basic studies and applications on innovative areas and will address current topics of novel issues. This meeting consists of plenary sessions, clusters, and symposia. Tutorial sessions with Japanese language will be provided for the beginners to complement the corresponding symposium sessions.

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The sessions will be held just before the Opening Plenary session of December Plenary talks by these outstanding researchers will be held on cross-cutting and rapidly advancing themes focusing on this conference. More information on lectures will be updated soon. Michael Coey is Professor Emeritus at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, and author of several books and many papers on magnetism and magnetic materials.

These include contributions to amorphous and disordered magnetic materials, permanent magnetism, magnetism of soils and minerals, dilute oxides and magneto-electrochemistry, with more recent work on magneto-microfluidics, spin electronics, d-zero magnetism and half metals.

The department is dedicated to the study of model catalysts, applying a large number of techniques and instruments, some of which were newly developed within the department to investigate oxide surfaces and oxide metal interfaces.

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He received awards in Europe, the US, and Asia. He is Fellow of the American Physical Society and has published more than scientific papers with more than He has held a number of named lectureships around the world.

Odyssey of thermoelectric materials: foundation of the complex structure - IOPscience

He has educated more than PhD students and collaborated with more than 80 postdoctoral associates. Before that, he was a distinguished research staff member at ORNL where he led the Alloy Behavior and Design Group and was a joint faculty professor of materials science and engineering at UT. His current research interests include the physical metallurgy and mechanical properties of high-entropy alloys for structural applications, iridium and other refractory metals for space power applications, and size effects on mechanical behavior.

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