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There's a good reason to believe, based on fossils and the shapes of their hips, that female T.

Rexes outweighed males by a few thousand pounds. Or maybe females were more accomplished hunters than males, as is the case with modern female lions. Because this dinosaur was atop the food chain, it would most likely have died from old age, disease, or hunger rather than attacks by fellow theropods, except when it was young and vulnerable. Some of the ton titanosaurs that lived alongside T.

Dinosaurs couldn’t stick out their tongues

For years, paleontologists argued about whether T. Current thinking is that there's no reason Tyrannosaurus rex couldn't have done both, as would any carnivore that wanted to avoid starvation. Some paleontologists believe that all Tyrannosaurs, including T. Imagine the matchup: a hungry, eight-ton Tyrannosaurus rex taking on a five-ton Triceratops , a not-inconceivable proposition since both dinosaurs lived in late Cretaceous North America.

Granted, the average T. In , a team of Stanford University scientists examining a T. More recent studies put that figure in the 5,pound range.

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The average adult human can bite with a force of about pounds. Little Coelophysis was the canonical Triassic dinosaur; the huge sauropods and theropods of the Morrison Formation represented the Jurassic, and a Cretaceous Tyrannosaurus versus Triceratops face-off ultimately capped off the succession. Diplodocus , Apatosaurus , Allosaurus , Stegosaurus and their neighbors roamed western North America about million years ago.

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  • This slice of time falls in the latter portion of the Jurassic. The traditional representatives of the latest Cretaceous scene— Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops —did not evolve until about 67 million years ago.

    Out on a limb

    About 83 million years separated Apatosaurus from Tyrannosaurus and Allosaurus from Triceratops. The so-called Age of Mammals—which began when the non-avian dinosaurs were wiped out—has been going on for about 66 million years. Less time separates us from Tyrannosaurus rex than separated T. Consider how much life has changed in the past 66 million years.

    The Tyrannosauridae

    Saber-fanged, knobbly-headed herbivores such as Uintatherium , lemur-like primates called adapiforms , razor-jawed carnivores known as creodonts and many other strange forms proliferated and disappeared. Even lineages familiar to us today, such as horses, rhinos and elephants, evolved and diversified and are now represented by just remnants of what once existed.

    The time between the last Triceratops and now has seen radical evolutionary changes. Now think of the 83 million years between the Jurassic and Cretaceous titans. During that time, the first flowering plants bloomed; the fish-like ichthyosaurs disappeared as plesiosaurs and mosasaurs became the predominant predators of the seas; vast herds of hadrosaurs and ceratopsids occupied places once dominated by sauropods; tiny tyrant dinosaurs transformed into apex predators, and early birds established themselves in ever-greater variety alongside their dinosaurian kin.

    Colossal new predatory dino terrorized early tyrannosaurs

    These are just a few highlights, and that is part of the wonder and frustration of tracking the history of life on earth. But when we can step back, and consider how all those snippets run together, the long and ever-changing history of life on our planet seems all the more fantastic. Continue or Give a Gift. Privacy Policy , Terms of Use Sign up. SmartNews History.


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