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Submit Pitch. Backing entrepreneurs at the intersection of software and physical products. We Invest The core of Bolt is backing extraordinary founders and their teams. We Lead Bolt makes pre-seed and seed-stage investments, often as the first institutional investor.

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We Build Our investment team has helped create many billions of dollars of market cap. We Focus Our sweet spot is companies where physical products coupled with software enable long-lasting customer relationships and high-margin recurring revenue business models. A selection of Bolt founders. Aly Orady at Tonal shows off the Tonal.

Product Bolt's world-class engineers help our companies build strong product teams and facilitate bringing the right product to market quickly and capital efficiently. Meet our Team. To enable events for your app, start by going back to your app configuration page click on the app from your app management page. Click Event Subscriptions on the left sidebar. Toggle the switch labeled Enable Events. When an event occurs, Slack will send your app some information about the event, like the user that triggered it and the channel it occurred in.

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Your app will process the details and can respond accordingly. Now you have a public-facing URL for your app that tunnels to your local machine. As long as your Bolt app is still running, your URL should become verified. There are four events related to messages: message. If you want your bot to listen to messages from everywhere it is, choose all four message events. Your app is now ready for some logic.

This is a basic example, but it gives you a place to start customizing your app based on your own goals. Back on your app configuration page, click on Interactive Components on the left side. Your app is set up for interactivity! The value inside of say is now an object that contains an array of blocks.


Blocks are the building components of a Slack message and can range from text to images to datepickers. In this case, your app will respond with a section block that includes a button as an accessory. This will act as a unique identifier for the button so your app can specify what action it wants to respond to. The builder lets you or anyone on your team mockup messages and generates the corresponding JSON that you can paste directly in your app.

But if you click the button, nothing happens yet!

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Now that you have a basic app up and running, you can start exploring the parts of Bolt that will make your app stand out. Here are some ideas about where to look next:. Read through the Basic concepts to learn about the different methods and features your Bolt app has access to. Explore the different events your bot can listen to with the events method.