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King believes that banks need to raise capital without reducing the volume of lending. On Friday the euro weakened against most of its major peers as French gross domestic product grew at a slower pace than previously estimated, adding to concern the European economy is stalling.

It had previously reported a gain o 0. In the year, the economy expanded 1. The loonie, as the currency is known for the image of the waterfowl on the dollar coin, rose 0. Asian stocks rose, with a regional index heading for its first gain in three weeks, as a drop in U. Japanese markets are closed today for a holiday.

Asian exporters gained as the number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits unexpectedly dropped last week to the lowest since April and consumer confidence rose more than forecast in December to a six-month high. Samsung Electronics increased 1. James Hardie climbed 3. Yanzhou Coal , which will gain more mines and port access in Australia with the acquisition, climbed 6.

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Noble Group Ltd. Cathay Financial Holding Co. China Life Insurance Co. Shin Kong Financial Holding Co. Keppel Corp. European stocks rose, capping the first weekly rally since Dec. Orders for U. Bookings for equipment meant to last at least three years rose 3. A separate report showed sales of new U. Purchases of single-family properties increased 1. The U. Wavin soared 22 percent to 9.

BP rose 2. Crude oil climbed for a fifth day in New York, the longest stretch of gains since Nov. EDP-Energias de Portugal dropped 0. Consumer spending and incomes rose less than forecast in November, while sales of new U. Congress passed a two-month payroll tax cut extension today, eight days before its scheduled expiration, after House Republicans dropped their objections under growing political pressure. House Speaker John Boehner agreed late yesterday to extend the tax cut, capping a month of wrangling that led to a revolt by House Republicans over the bipartisan deal passed by the Senate on Dec.

The plan approved today will go to President Barack Obama for his signature. Bank of America Corp. The license runs for five years, with undisclosed financial terms, Rambus said in a statement. TripAdvisor Inc. Mead Johnson Nutrition Co. The Food and Drug Administration said it may take until next week for test results to show whether infant formula made by the company spurred a bacterial infection that killed a newborn or if something else was at fault.

He is lord over whoever lives in this land. We must not be sidetracked by this sideshow involving the two-bit actor Isa Samad. The more pressing matter concerns the listing exercise.

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Why the injunction? Why should four people extend energy and time and assume the risks of being called traitors and all that, to apply for an injunction? These people believe that the , hectares of land that Felda took was actually meant for settlers. They will no longer exercise control over the assets as their interests are all converted into shares.

Felda Holdings is 51 per cent owned by settlers and 49 per cent owned by Felda Global. They are willing to risk it all, because they believe settlers are being sold out. Posted by Kit in Parliament on Monday, 26 December Earlier during the sitting two others bills, Kampong Baru Development Bill and Peaceful Assembly Bill out of 14 bills tabled so far, were also called for division in voting.

The speaker reprimanded the 8 PR senators for wasting time and that it becoming very frequent. He added that he knows what to do the next time a bloc vote is asked for and that he will not allow it. He forewarned that hereafter anybody wanting to speak, need not give your names but just stand up and I know whom to call to speak. It seems a veiled warning that unless you guys are subservient and follow my dictates, you will not be allowed to speak.

It is very sad that the speaker who is supposed to uphold the dignity and legislative role of the Dewan is instead stifling and strangling the legislation process of the upper house. And that she knows, as I do, that her momentarily depleted emotions and energies will soon be re-charged by her passion for participating in the massive awakening and spirit of change that is sweeping Malaysia.

Posted by Kit in Health on Sunday, 25 December We fully agree with the need to improve the quality and delivery of health services for the rakyat, provide more choice to patients and preserve the strengths in our current health system. The Arab spring is at a crossroads; if Assad falls and the country avoids civil war, the revolution may move eastwards. Editorial guardian.

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It is an unseasonably gloomy thought, but nevertheless a true one: all the aspirations, the sacrifice and the triumphs of a momentous year of revolution and upheaval in the Arab world hinge ultimately on events taking place in Syria. The Arab spring is at a crossroads. The next stop could well be Iran, but none of the monarchies of the Gulf states are secure either. But if Syria disintegrates, it would quickly become a regional battlefield, fed by the rival interests of its neighbours — not unlike Iraq was in or Lebanon was during its civil war.

And then the Arab spring would well and truly have come to a halt. On Friday a blood-strewn week reached its apogee with a twin bombing of security and intelligence buildings in Damascus, killing at least 40 and wounding The Free Syria Army denied involvement and voiced scepticism. We pray for peace, joy and goodwill to all. Penang also celebrates hope by establishing a people-centric government based on integrity, good governance and letting the people realise their full potential.

Penang has benefited from a clean government. It is not just praise for good financial management from the Auditor-General or from Transparency International for implementing open tenders and fighting corruption. This has enabled social programmes and cash handouts to the elderly, disabled, single mother, new-born babies and students. Penang became the first state in Malaysia to wipe out hard core poverty by For the minimum income has been increased to RM monthly per household, where the state government will top up any difference to ensure that each family receives at least RM monthly.

Penang intends to also be the first state in Malaysia to wipe out poverty by Penang has also benefited from good governance through building institutions based on freedom, justice, truth and democracy. There is a Freedom of Information Act and implementation of open tenders to ensure the best price, quality and management. CAT governance of competency accountability and transparency has ensured a more responsive, accessible and effective government delivery system.

There is also freedom of worship where respect not tolerance is encouraged. He was sentenced to one year in jail from Friday and Justice Mohtarudin Baki ordered his land and bungalow be forfeited.

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However, the judge granted him a stay of execution of jail time and forfeiture of the properties pending an appeal after his lawyer M. Athimulan made the request. Tweets by limkitsiang. Happy to all! Launch pad. In the air.

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Out and about. Past perfect. In and around. Our pick of the month: Culture gully. Our pick of the month: Feast it out.

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In the city. Fat to Fabulous. Kangaroo Hug. Help From Home. My actions against Chidambaram paying off, says Swamy. Kolkata's Villains. Fear Forces Surrender. Chennai Sings Change. Cover Story Our 35th anniv issue: Pranab on Indira. A combination of factors led Indira Gandhi to impose the Emergency. And the Congress accepted it, even if it denied it later. Sudheendra Kulkarni says despite presiding over India going nuclear, Vajpayee was no warmonger.

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The AfPak region served as crucible for the genesis of a shadowy network of terror that left Ground Zeros of impact as far apart as New York and New Delhi. Global jihad has left the future of our freedoms unsafe. Chandan Mitra says Bhindranwale's rise and fall was symptomatic of leaders of such diabolic cults. A colossus among leaders, Nehru's only major blemish, China, left him a broken man. Ashok Mitra says she appeared to be rudderless and friendless in Amarinder Singh says the Indian soldier has always asked for very little and given his all.

Gandhi ended British Raj with ahimsa and satyagraha, and with it the age of colonisation. The Triumph of Resilience. The Turbulence of Democracy. The Glamour Monologues. Art of Controversy. Gurus of Business. The Unforgettables. India in Space. Faces of Change. The Unity Report. A new identity number will tell us how resources are being used to achieve national objectives. Short is Sweet. Purists needn't fret. T20 has drawn crowds to the game. And Tests are not dying anytime soon. Gentle Steel. From being beneficiaries of welfare, women have become actors in development. Milk it Right.

Modern technology has to be adopted fully for benefits to reach deep into rural India.

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Ring of Success. Nearly half the nation has its own mobile, a transformation almost without government help. Room for Space. International cooperation in space is the way of the future. India can lead the way. The Saffron Wedge. The Right needs to shed its Ram Janmabhoomi-era identity politics and embrace real conservatism.

Check as Balance. Big Brother is being watched. RTI has brought in much needed accountability to governance. The Bill of Rights. Weapon of Mass Instruction. Sensex and Sensibility. Tryst with Tomorrow. Don't Make Me Cry. Multiplexes have transformed production and exhibition but what we need is budget theatres. Not Caste in Stone. Affirmative action isn't a bad thing. But what we need is a dynamic view of exploitation. Back End to Front Row. Insurance Cover.