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Further in geometric terms, a supply curve with a horizontal straight line parallel to the X-axis exhibits the behaviour of a perfectly elastic supply.

Research in Elasticity

A perfectly inelastic supply remains unmoved in response to any change in the price. In other words , the supply of such a commodity always remains constant no matter what the price is. Further, a perfectly inelastic supply curve is a vertical straight line parallel to the Y-axis. When percentage change in quantity supplied is more than the percentage change in price then the supply is said to be highly elastic.

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Alternatively, the supply of such a commodity has a high degree of responsiveness or is volatile. The supply responds by a big factor for even a small change in the price. The price elasticity of supply for such a case is greater than 1, i. For a less elastic supply, the percentage change in quantity supplied is smaller than the percentage change in price.

Overview of Quantitative Research Methods

When percentage change in quantity supplied is equal to the percentage change in price such that the price elasticity of a supply is equal to one, then supply for such a commodity is said to be unitary elastic. Further, the supply curve is a straight line passing through the origin. Note that any supply curve that passes through the origin, irrespective of its slope, tends to have a unitary elastic supply. This means, that in many cases the change in supply tends to differ when considered over different time periods.

Such an observation leads to a classification of time into three time periods. On the basis of nature of commodities can be classified into durable or perishable goods. Definitely, their response to a change in price also varies. Durable good has long lifetimes and can be stored for long periods. Examples are furniture, TV etc. Hence such goods have high elastic supply as producers can manipulate their supply to earn greater profits. On the other hand, perishable goods have short lifetimes and cannot be stored.

Vegetables, milk etc are some perishable goods. Such goods need to be disposed off and hence have an inelastic supply.

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  4. As a firm looks to expand production, it needs to employ more factors of production. As a result of this, the cost of production rises. Enroll for Free. From the lesson. Some Key Elasticities of Demand and Supply.

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    Calculating and Applying Price Elasticity of Demand Determinants of Elasticity of Demand A theory of stress softening of elastomers based on finite chain extensibility with C. Horgan and G. Saccomandi , Proc. A , Modelling the electro-mechanical properties of electro-active polymers and applications. Mathematical modelling of the interaction between mechanical stress and growth in soft biological tissues. The influence of magnetic fields on the propagation of elastic waves in magneto-sensitive materials. David M. The main thrust of my work is bifurcation problems in nonlinear elasticity.

    For example, deciding when bulges will form in inflated balloons. This naturally leads to many related problems. Most recently, I have been looking at ways to decide if various solutions are stable or not.

    A Refresher on Price Elasticity

    This requires calculus of variations and the numerical solution of nonlinear ordinary differential equations. Other related work is the search for exact solutions to problems. This usually involves the lucky, although I would claim judicious choice of material model.

    But once a solution is found we can work backwards and find other classes of materials with the same solution. Stability and bifurcation of compressed elastic cylindrical tubes with A.


    Dorfmann , Int. A comparison of stability and bifurcation criteria for a compressible elastic cube, J. On nonlinear stability in unconstrained nonlinear elasticity, Int. Non-linear Mech.

    Usually a bifurcation problem involves a critical parameter which may be related to the loading conditions, geometry, material parameters, etc. Here we include the possibility of growth-as in tumour growth-changing the critical parameters. Ciprian D. I am currently interested in a fundamental understanding of localised behaviour in solids, with a particular emphasis on the application of asymptotic techniques to this area.

    The motivation for this topic comes from a range of engineering applications. Many mechanical structures such as beams, plates, and shells, when subjected to various loading conditions experience stress concentrations that represent a common source of mechanical failure. In the most extreme cases such concentrations of stress lead to cracking and rupturing of the mechanical components, while in other instances they simply contribute to fatigue and a substantial reduction in the load-carrying capacity over prolonged periods of time. This aspect is related to localised buckling , a phenomenon that still raises many unsolved questions.

    I am also interested in the application of rigorous methods of bifurcation theory to more traditional problems of stability of solids and mechanical vibrations. Localised wrinkling instabilities in radially stretched annular thin films with D.