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GM Aleksander Wojtkiewicz died in This book explores and explains his favourite openings based around 1 Nf3 when Black replies with We also hope that, through this project, we are able to preserve some of the vast legacy left to the chess world by the genius that was Aleksander Wojtkiewicz. We could argue about the use of the word 'genius' all day long I find it a little strong for a jobbing Grandmaster but it makes more sense to turn to the chess content of this volume. The Catalan sections are the real meat of this volume.

There are copious amounts of sensible, instructive prose to be found in between the 75 illustrative games approximately half of which feature Wojo himself. The game annotations themselves are excellent; not overdone in terms of variations, they genuinely get to the heart of the action. There are frequent summaries and conclusions after the main sections to cement the lessons in the reader's mind.


I think the authors have worked to create an original work and they have not been afraid to head away from the beaten tracks of fashion. For instance, in this classic position of the Open Catalan, the authors eschew the common 7 Qc2 in favour of 7 Ne5. Now, if White is allowed to simply recapture the pawn with Ne5xc4, he will achieve his aim of controlling the center.

The Catalan may not appeal to all players. Obviously, it best suits those who prefer a strategic battle, and this underpins the whole repertoire, with the first player steering the battle into territory he will know better than the opponent. Lovers of endgames will feel at home. The other sections are less thorough.

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The Slav is met by 1 Nf3 d5 2 d4 Nf6 3 c4 c6 4 Qc 2, avoiding mainline theory. Bf5 systems, the Chigorin and the Austrian 1 Nf3 d5 2 d4 c5. I think the reader will have to do some extra reading to pad out the analysis in these latter sections, but experienced club and tournament players should appreciate and enjoy the Catalan chapters. I understand that work has begun on volume 2, which will feature at least the King's Indian and Grunfeld defences, again featuring systems involving g3.

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How can you learn to distinguish important features from secondary ones, and if you've managed to do. Chapter one deals with some history; the next two deal with what the authors 'the key' and then there are three featuring the key principles at a more advanced level. The final chapter centres around domination.

Some of the chapters present a 'golden dozen' of miniature games 12 moves in this case and a 'golden dozen' of chess studies. Nice though these are, I'm not entirely sure how they are connected to the formulation of a plan. A lot of the annotations are too light to serve the intended purpose. Yet when more time and space is given, the notes can be very instructive.

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I thought the material about pawn structures was some of the best in the book, especially the discussion about the Carlsbad structure. How much involvement did Karpov have with this book? Minimal, I'd say; some of his games are used for illustrative purposes but it seems to me that the other Anatoly wrote the book.

How deep is a plan?

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How can a bad plan be a good thing? I think that Eisenhower can help us to put plans and planning into a context:. OK, the plan might turn out to be useless because the opponent did something clever that we totally overlooked but the act of planning will be very important because the planning relies on a careful evaluation of the position. Only to some extent!

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