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Jacky makes a strong case for always working 'in retirement' and gives a roadmap for having it all while continuing to work.

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Jacky Hood, addresses many questions and concerns that year olds are thinking about, but do not know where to go to get the answers. Well, here they are in one place. A thoughtful and provocative book. Ask the next generation, 'What company could you work for and retire with? Quotes from the book: "The western world faces a severe labor shortage in the coming decades. It's almost unfair to society for you to withdraw your talents in a time of need.

Demonstrate that you can leave at 4pm and still make a strong contribution. Junior workers put in 80 hours one week then need 80 hours the following week to correct mistakes. For book art, author pictures, or affiliate links, visit the Affiliate Resource page.

How can older people play a bigger role in society?

Jacky Hood became an engineer when few women entered the profession. She rode a bicycle across North America at the age of Her mother retired at 81; Jacky intends to work even longer. She is a management consultant and teaches classes on career strategy, customer service, corporate governance, and business management.

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What Impact Will a Retirement Job Have on Your Finances?

If you're not satisfied with the book you receive, please let us know within 60 days of purchase and we'll refund your money. Happy About Working to Stay Young by Jacky Hood "In our work with older adults, we know that boomers are redefining retirement and designing their futures to remain vital and productive. By the way, all those mountain climbers and squats that Field does make it far less likely that she will fall, a common senior fear.

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Decades later, leg muscles can atrophy to the point where some seniors can topple over — and be forced to rely on a walker. Things like yoga and tai chi also help people avoid future balance issues. And talk about gratifying: once a month Field visits a massage therapist, who says her muscle tone is better than many clients half a century younger.

One example of just how many seniors have decided to keep on going — and going — is reflected in the number of them doing triathlons, which comprise back-to-back-to-back swimming, biking and running. According to data provided by Colorado-based U. This is more than a health and fitness story, though. It is also a growing business opportunity for health-care entrepreneurs.

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Ritchie predicts smaller, boutique clubs will spring up to accommodate the booming senior population. Seniors can also band together and hire trainers for more affordable group classes. One possibility is Silver Sneakers , a lower-cost exercise program that is available at 16, locations nationwide — and is included with many Medicare plans. And, of course, exercise is only one part of the health challenge. In addition to working out on a regular basis, seniors like Kane and Field share another common behavior: They eat well.

Plant-based diets are good. Processed foods? For Field: eggs, avocado, homemade bread, with apples, kiwis and oranges.

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Kane skips lunch; Field opts for salad with grilled chicken. Both emphasize fish or seafood for dinner. Both avoid carbs and drink lots of water, though in the evening Kane treats himself to a cocktail or two. Kane is a longtime patient of Dr. They eat little and exercise regularly.

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He has another key guideline: Avoid social isolation. Montalbano says single seniors — who number in the millions — especially need to get out of the house and interact with others. But find something to do that gives you pleasure and brings you into contact with others.

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Kane, Field and other super seniors get this; they understand the value — and sheer enjoyment — of being sociable. You can follow him on Twitter WestWingReport. Economic Calendar Tax Withholding Calculator.