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World of Sociology Social history of the American family: an encyclopedia Socioogy of education: an A-to-Z guide Key quotations in sociology Sociology the key concepts.

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Sociological Theory African American pioneers of sociology: a critical history Robert L. Stephen P. Turner, Paul A. This handbook helps academics and practitioners make sense of the impact of these changes on individuals, groups, organizations Edgell, S. Edgell, Stephen, et al.. SAGE Knowledge. Have you created a personal profile? Login or create a profile so that you can create alerts and save clips, playlists, and searches. Please log in from an authenticated institution or log into your member profile to access the email feature. At SAGE we take sustainability seriously.

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Enquiries concerning reproduction outside those terms should be sent to the publishers. Library of Congress Control Number: British Library Cataloguing in Publication data. A career-long interest in the sociology of work culminated in the publication of a textbook entitled The Sociology of Work: Continuity and Change in Paid and Unpaid Work in and a revised 2nd edition in She has published several books and articles on the themes of gender, precarity and work. Her recent book entitled Gender, Work and Economy: Unpacking the Global Economy Polity Press, , explores the relationship between gender and work in the global economy.

His research focuses on Marxism and the sociology of work and organizations, and on how relationships between organization, culture and society can be understood using Frankfurt School Critical Theory. He teaches courses on research methods and management, and the sociology of organizations. Stephen's work includes contributions to various areas of the social science of work and organization including its philosophy and methodology, the reorganisation of large firms, professions and professionalism, public sector management and as well as organisational misbehaviour.

She publishes and lectures on international development, gender, labour, social movements and Indian politics. She is the co-editor of Whatever Happened to Class? Reflections from South Asia Routledge, Currently, she is editor of the Global Labour Journal. Research interests include critical theory, gender, power, management of professional service knowledge intensive organizations, leadership, identity, organizational image, organizational culture and symbolism, qualitative methods and philosophy of science.

She has research expertise in inequality, family, gender and the life course and has published widely in these areas, including a recent volume with Ann Evans , Negotiating the Life Course: Stability and Change in Life Pathways Springer, He has written widely on issues relating to the experience of work and labour. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia and an internationally recognised expert on time use data.

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He has published on the sexual division of labour, changes in working time, intra-house [Page xii] hold bargaining, work-family balance, ICTs, children's activities, and reliability and validity of time diaries. A second edition of her well regarded text, Gender, appeared recently and an updated version of Fractured Identities is due out in Her current research, funded by the Leverhulme Trust, is a longitudinal qualitative study of university student careers. She has written extensively about temporary and short-term work in the US and internationally, and about low-wage employment retail trade.

Palgrave, and has co-authored articles in Work, Employment and Society and The British Journal of Industrial Relations as well as numerous book chapters. An experienced development practitioner and scholar, her areas of specialization are employment, gender and poverty with a focus on the working poor in the informal economy. Before joining Harvard in , she had two decades of resident experience in Bangladesh, working with BRAC, and in India, where she served as a field representative of Oxfam America.

Her research focuses on the dynamics of power, inequality and social change under global capitalism, with an emphasis on the changing world of work and politics for women and immigrants in low-paid, precarious jobs. Her research areas focus on comparative welfare state research, wage policies and industrial relations.

He is a comparative historical sociologist interested in the study of class, politics, social movements and institutional change. Prior to becoming a sociologist, he worked for several years as a union organizer.

Handbook of the Sociology of Gender by Barbara J. Risman

He is best known for his work on the comparative political economy of national development, exemplified by his book Embedded Autonomy: States and Industrial Transformation Princeton University Press, He has published numerous books and articles on skills, training and employment. David Frayne is based at Cardiff University's School of Social Sciences, where he lectures in the areas of social theory, the sociology of work, and alternative education.

Drawing on critical social theories, his independent research seeks to explore everyday cultures of resistance to work and consumerism. He was formerly a trade union organizer, youth and community educator and action researcher with migrant workers in the north of Ireland.

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His most recent research explores rural worker experience and resistance in relation to agrofuel production in [Page xiv] Brazil and Europe. This work seeks to link the social and physical sciences in developing socially committed solutions to energy, food and labour conflicts. Her teaching and research interests focus on race, gender, immigration, labor, and citizenship. Professor Glenn is a past-president of the American Sociological Association. Her research in comparative perspective focuses on gender and work, labour market segregation, and social services and welfare policies.

She is an associate editor of Gender, Work and Organization. Her research has focused on Franco-British comparisons of gender, work and employment drawing heavily on qualitative methodologies. Her research interests currently relate to work—family policies and practices in EU member states and particularly to fatherhood and work-life balance.

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  • His research has focused on organizational change and the changing nature of employee representation; he has recently completed a book on the transformation of the societal community Trust In a Complex World Oxford University Press, He has worked in many industries as a practitioner and consultant on processes of organizational development. Prior to this appointment, he was Weldon E. He has published extensively on South-east Asian politics, development and labour issues. His research interests include the areas of culture, consciousness and, more recently, the sociological theorization of morality and ethics.

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    He is the author of The Making of the Modern Mind Athlone Press, and has contributed chapters to various collections and edited volumes. Arne L. He has published more than articles and chapters and 12 books on topics related to the sociology of work, organizations, occupations and industries, labour markets, and social stratification. His major current projects include a cross-national study of the causes and consequences of precarious work in the United States and a number of Asian and European countries, as well as the role of community colleges in workforce preparation.